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Safdico is one of the world’s leading diamond manufacturing and trading companies. We are synonymous with extraordinary levels of innovation, craftsmanship and professionalism.


Safdico has sustained a leadership position in supplying, manufacturing and marketing large, iconic polished diamonds in the world. We source, through our network of experts and technicians, rough diamonds from most of the preeminent diamond miners present in Botswana, Lesotho, South Africa, Western Africa, Canada or Angola. The provenance of every gemstone is paramount and our business is run in such a way that we will never buy, or trade rough diamonds from areas where it would encourage or support conflict and human suffering. Neither will we intentionally or recklessly endanger, or harm the welfare of individuals, or exploit the use of child labor.
Safdico Diamonds: Commited


Throughout the entire manufacturing cycle, every diamond is monitored by our unique tracking system. This allows the stone to be traced back to its origin to ensure that it is completely conflict-free. Furthermore, in order to establish traceability, we employ laser-engraving technology, which is invisible to the naked eye. As an organization we are fully accountable, undergoing stringent external audits twice a year. Our transparency and professionalism ensure that every single diamond that passes through our hands bears all the hallmarks of quality, accountability and provenance.
Safdico Diamonds: Transparency


Safdico is very sensitive to local and governmental requirements and regulations. We have been active in African countries for over three decades, transferring skills and empowering local talent. In Botswana and in South Africa, we have realized the government’s vision by building a diamond center in a professional, socially responsible, commercially viable and sustainable manner that satisfies the aspirations of government, the international diamond industry and other key stakeholders.
Safdico Diamonds: Benificion

Safdico purchases shares in Lucapa

Safdico purchases a substantial stake in Lucapa Diamond Company and enters into a partnership for the marketing and polishing of Mothae mine's diamonds.

Peace Diamond

Safdico purchases 709ct rock from Sierra Leone

Lesedi La Rona

World's second largest rough diamond at 1109 carat cuts into the largest, highest colour, highest clarity diamond ever certified by the GIA.

Diamond Exporter of the Year in Israel

Johnny Kneller receives the prestigious award from Yoram Dvash, President of the Israeli Diamond Bourse

Opening of Safdico Israel

Unveiling of the Diamond Technology Park

Botswana's advanced and highly secure diamond hub featuring polishing facilities, GIA, Customs, tender houses and more.

In realising the Botswana Government’s vision for the establishment of a downstream diamond industry, The Diamond Technology Park was developed in a manner that satisfied the aspirations of the International Diamond industry and all other associated key stakeholders.

We offer a highly secure environment for any business with 24/7/365 state of the art security.

Unveiling of world’s largest D Flawless round, 102ct

Safdico becomes Sightholder in Botswana

Purchase of historical Lesotho Promise

Safdico International attains additional Sight in London.

Safdico introduces Laurence Graff as a strategic investor.

Johnny Kneller and Brian Gutkin partner to buy out several manufacturing operations in Johannesburg and create Safdico

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